Kevin Beiser, vice president of the
San Diego Unified School District

As one of the nation's largest school districts, it is defending its campaign to fight Islamophobia
and promote understanding of Muslim culture against critics who say it is favoring a religion.

 The program includes making teachers and staff aware of when Muslim holidays occur,
setting up professional staff development training on awareness of and advocating for
Muslim culture, providing resources to students during Ramadan,
and giving teachers history and social science materials, among other things.

Liberals have spent decades screaming about the separation of church and ‘state’,
but now they’ve made a huge exception for Islam.

The San Diego School District will start having school calendars
showing Islamic holidays and begin to teach students about Islam
in social studies classes and school district will create safe places
on campuses for Muslim students as part of a multi-tiered approach to combat ‘Islamophobia’.

This plan doesn’t include classes on Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion.

Don't you dare say God, Christ, Christmas or Easter in School!!

California, the land of the totally insane!

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